Fortune’s Corporate Services division offers wide-ranging specialist support with total confidentiality. We can assist you in all your corporate financial transactions, from company formation and banking arrangements to fiscal optimisation, the sale and purchase of companies, and nominee director and company secretary services. Fortune achieves this by drawing on a select network of leading banks, lawyers, fiscal experts and accountants to provide tailor-made services.

Our Fortune Managers, who are fluent in the most widely-spoken European languages and Arabic, can guide you through the intricacies of incorporation, share capital and transfer requirements, single-member companies, elective resolutions and the multiple issues arising from company legislation.

We are familiar with the many complex and frequently fast-changing rules governing incorporation in numerous jurisdictions, and can help you create company structures that meet the most demanding corporate objectives, providing all the necessary documentation, certificates and seals.

Fortune has considerable experience in creating custom company packages designed to meet special requirements, while at the same time offering an extensive choice of ready-made companies, both private and public, so that you can engage in your business immediately.

In each case, Fortune works closely with you to understand your situation and objectives, acting discreetly and with extreme diligence in all our dealings on your behalf.