Building close and trusted relationships

Our mission is simple: to provide and coordinate a complete range of personal and corporate financial services for high-net-worth individuals and their companies. This is in contrast to most financial intermediaries, who provide wealth management only.

Our commitment is to provide the level of support we would want for ourselves and for our families. We deliver this through personally-tailored solutions that we regularly review to ensure each customer benefits from the most effective arrangements, operating in accordance with explicit ethical and business values.

Our aim is to build close and trusted relationships with our customers over the years. Relationships founded on the strong performance of our services that enable us to provide ever more insightful recommendations, based on a longstanding and detailed understanding of each customer’s objectives and preferences.

We are a Financial Intermediary member of the PolyReg* and we offer our customers the benefits of special partnerships with prestigious international institutions, negotiating solutions and special rates.

* PolyReg is a self-regulatory body recognised by the Swiss Federal Money Laundering Control Authority. It is established according to Article 24 of the Swiss Money laundering act (MLA) and acts as regulatory and supervising Organisation for its members.

PolyReg is incorporated as an association and is listed in the register of commerce of the Canton of Zurich. Being independent from all trade organisations PolyReg accepts financial intermediaries from all fields of business.