Fiduciary Support

Freeing your time for other priorities

Company Secretarial Services We can take care of all the irksome annual forms and returns that need to be completed and filed with the Companies Registry.

Company formation services Fortune offers cost-effective incorporation services for establishing tax-efficient structures in more than 25 jurisdictions, backed by expert advice to complement your lawyer and accountant.

Domiciliary and Registered Office Services Fortune is able to provide registered office facilities for different countries of incorporation together with the services of a Registered Agent if required by local law.

Holding Companies It can be advantageous for offshore and onshore companies to hold investments in subsidiaries and/or associated companies, publicly listed private companies and joint-venture projects, since the capital gains arising from the disposal of certain investments may in these cases attract lower taxation. We can provide complete advice and assistance.

Intellectual Property Taxation on intellectual property royalties can in some jurisdictions be reduced by the commercial application of double tax treaties.

Investment Portfolios There are considerable potential benefits to using offshore and onshore companies as mediators to hold investment portfolios and insurance or pension contracts, ranging from privacy to substantial savings in probate expenses as well as professional and other fees. Fortune has expert consultants to guide you.

Nominee Director/Shareholder Services Fortune provides a high-calibre nominee director and shareholder service that offers total privacy and confidentiality even in countries where the law requires information on directors and/or shareholders to be registered in the public files of the Companies Registry.

Personal Companies We have extensive experience helping individuals who provide services to achieve considerable tax savings through the use of offshore and onshore companies.

Real Estate and Land Ownership Significant tax advantages can be obtained in many countries, including the UK, by passing the ownership of real estate and land to offshore and onshore companies, with legal reductions in capital gains, inheritance and property transfer taxes. We can help you weigh your options accurately and realistically.

Selecting a jurisdiction Selecting the most appropriate jurisdiction in international trade and investment requires in-depth consideration of many different criteria. Fortune’s specialists can guide your choice or provide a judiciously-constructed recommendation.

Trading and Purchasing International trading and purchasing companies often involve offshore companies in their transactions to attract lower taxation. These are just some of the many scenarios that Fortune will analyse when constructing the most appropriate solutions to your needs.
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