The complete service for your personal finances

  Our Family Office can enhance your estate planning, working in conjunction with your Fortune Manager and benefiting from their complete knowledge of your family and its objectives.

Acting as an intermediary between your family and estate planning attorneys, they can help ensure the best asset is selected for each particular estate-planning vehicle because Fortune manages all the liquid and illiquid assets of the family.

We fully understand the special importance of succession management, whether to organise your succession in the most effective manner, or structure your assets and pass on the fruits of your labour securely to your family and close relatives. We are proud to deliver the same high level of care we ourselves would want for our loved ones.
This can include providing independent trustees with the experience and integrity to guide the course of your succession sensitively and effectively, so you can be confident that your decisions will be implemented fully and successfully.

We can, likewise, provide the support of an experienced professional to take care of the day-to-day needs of your company during the succession process. This can include the payment of invoices, administrative formalities and book-keeping, as well as reviewing the fees and conditions of your service providers, including banks and insurance companies, to ensure your family continues to benefit from the best service and conditions.

Whatever your succession requirements, our Family Office will work closely with you and your Fortune Manager to ensure that every crucial moment of transition will be managed expertly, with the greatest diligence and attention to detail.
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