Wealth management in accordance with your investment outlook

  Fortune’s wealth management service is structured so that it can be closely tailored to your personal needs, ranging from your risk profile to your knowledge of the investment market and desire for a more or less hands-on approach.

Whatever your preferences, your Fortune Manager will work closely with you to formulate a flexible and totally transparent customised solution to manage your investments effectively, helping you diversify your portfolio appropriately and achieve solid returns while protecting your capital.

Fortune offers a choice of hundreds of funds in a wide range of sectors and categories that benefit from our preferential depositary and commercial agreements with prime international banks and financial institutions.
These funds are, moreover, each selected by Fortune’s specialists, who continually survey the performance of leading fund managers to ensure our customers can rely on strong funds from sound establishments, many of which have won awards from the fund industry and comfortably exceed the benchmarks in their sectors.

Our ethos in every area is to place your interests above all else and let the results speak for themselves, building longstanding relationships of trust to help you achieve exceptionally effective and comprehensive long-term financial planning.

You’ve worked for your wealth. Now we’ll get it to work for you.
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